Heather Sky Mod (heathersky_mod) wrote,
Heather Sky Mod

Welcome to Heather Sky Landing--a thriving city contained within one massive building. Population: Growing.

The city was founded many, many years ago as a refuge for non-humans only, but as time passed and the population grew, more and more humans came to live at this peculiar metropolis. Some of them had special powers and some of them didn't, but all of them had a reason to seek refuge, and the city was not about to turn anyone away.
Heather Sky is always expanding and always growing. Originally a glorified apartment building, it now sprawls over an area two miles long by one mile wide, and stands over twenty stories high. Hidden away in the middle of nowhere and unaffiliated with any country or government outside itself, it is truly a haven.

Your character is here by choice; they are not forced to come, forced to stay, or forced to leave by any governing body, external or otherwise. It is a pristine building, well-cleaned and carefully maintained by its residents, and it contains every resource its inhabitants, human or non-human, could need.

This is an Original Character only game. There are no limits on powers, visual peculiarities, or the like; we even have a resident godling.
Come and take a look! Maybe you'll find Heather Sky can be a home for you, too. ♥

For further information please visit the community or one of the following links:

more about the building.

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